Trivial Cahoots

Doc and I joined Leslie & Rich’s team last night at the Trinity Hall Pub Trivia competition. Every Sunday night a bunch of smart nerd teams drink too much Guinness, eat fish and chips, and scribble down answers to six rounds of random questions called out to the pub by the quizmaster.

We’ve been meaning to go for a long time now, and finally managed to get to the pub last night. What fun! I think that Team Swizzlestixxx is normally at capacity, but Rich, Frank, and Guy couldn’t make it so Doc and I filled in as alternates on team Son Of Stixxx. I think that we did contribute marginally to the moderate success of the team. Lots of the questions were about movies, which I’m terrible at, and history and literature, which I’m also terrible at.

Nevertheless, we had a great time, and we’re thinking of forming our own team…. Assuming any of our friends can meet regularly at the pub on Sunday evenings… Hmm….


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