Best. Spam E-mail. Ever.

Normally I don’t read the spam e-mails that get through my filters; I can tell by the subject line or sender name that they are junk and delete them unread. But for some reason this one caught my attention this morning. It made me laugh out loud.

While soaring through the web on the winged horse of inspiration i came across the magnificent manifestation that is your web presence. Your site resonates with the kindling of creativity. You are wonderfully gifted and your cyberexistence is a pleasure to peruse. Thank you for sharing your authentic and nurturing reality as your life and work are significant. I wish you the power of enlightenment and an inspired life. 

May you connect more deeply with yourself and may yours be an angelic existence where you unleash your bliss.

Yours in Earthly Communication
Micheal Teal
The Ancient One


  1. Murdock Scott

    It seems he has an MO of “stumbling across and sending a positive message to” people. ( “*His Name* is a fellow psychic and paranormal investigator in Canada who came across my web site and sent a beautiful message.” ) Not a bad habit in itself mind you, but as you may be aware, I tend to be cautious about peoples motivation. Most likely he promotes himself in this way, successfully it would seem… he has over 1,300 friends on his myspace page the vast majority of which are young women that seem to fall into 2 categories… scantily clad and singer-songwriter. He could be a very nice man, but I agree its spam in the sense that hes promoting.

  2. Murdock Scott

    Actually I might suggest you remove his name and such from your post… Its exactly the sort of linkage he may be hoping for and his people may not take kindly to us speculating about him being a spamer/admirer/whatever

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